Chapter 27 The Ridiculous Señorita

"Louar the One-Eyed!"
"Mother, what are you saying?" cried Amaris Dahia.
"Cast him into the abyss! He is the Jackal!"
"The demon!" Kalil countered. "It has taken the form of your mother!"
"He will kill us all!" cried Viridiana in a mad rage.

Flames shot up from below and Amaris Dahia felt a burning heat moving up her leg. She looked down and saw that her clothing was on fire. Her thigh began to pulse with pain. Kalil immediately dropped down onto the footrope, smothering the flames with his body. Amaris Dahia looked at her father with gratitude, but her relief was short-lived. Viridiana called out, "Amaris Dahia! Save yourself before it is too late!"

"Do not listen to her!" shouted Kalil. "She is not your mother!"

"Yes," cried Viridiana, in a mournful voice. "The djinn speaks the truth. I am not your mother!" Then she let out a wail and collapsed onto the stone floor.