Chapter 25 Moment of Reckoning

Amaris Dahia pressed the sword point against Suleiman's neck, waiting for Tahir and Hayát to disappear over the horizon. "Is this the only language you understand, Commander?" She threw the scimitar onto the ground.

"You are as foolish as you are arrogant," said Suleiman.

"You have no idea how foolish, Commander," declared Amaris Dahia leaping to the ground beside El Alavádo. If death is to come, so be it. Now is the moment of reckoning. Amaris Dahia looked deeply into the eyes of El Alavádo.

As for Suleiman, he watched her with great curiosity and the patience of a viper. He was not worried that she might escape. She had no path to freedom. And besides, she was beautiful to look at. So he calmly watched her with a studied vigilance.

"Help me, brother," Amaris Dahia whispered to the Andalucian. She placed her hand on the Xámza. Immediately, it began to radiate its familiar warm glow. She looked up and saw, not the pale yellow sky of North Africa, but the blue expanse of Al-Andaluz!