Chapter 15 Destiny

The Malkat Ifriqiya understood that she was in the presence of the terrible djinn, Louar, the One-Eyed Jackal. "You have summoned me. Why?" he demanded.
"I wanted to see the one who is mightier than my own armies, mightier than the Amazigh, mightier than the Arab armies burning our fields."
"I am the last thing you will see, O Queen," said the Jackal, bowing before her.
"Before you kill me, tell me, djinn. I have seen in my visions that it is you who have brought so much destruction to my people and to the land. Why have you done this? And how can the curse be lifted?"
"Why blame me for the way you kill one another," replied the cunning demon.
"Surely, such a great and terrible djinn need not fear a mere woman—even a queen," she taunted.
"Fear? I should kill you now," said the djinn.
"And miss my gift to you?" asked the Queen.
The Jackal thought about this. "Yes, there is something I want from you, O Queen. And when I have it, I will tell you everything."
"It will be yours, mighty djinn," said the Queen.
A smile inched up the right side of the Jackal's mouth.