In every generation, the earth is graced by a daughter born to a Kahina who travels between worlds. Between danger and enchantment. Between the animal and the human. Between revelation and delusion. But always she lives among the displaced and the dispossessed. She finds comfort where others find hardship, seeks solace where others see only danger. She wears about her neck, secreted away in a leather pouch, the Xámza with the Emerald Eye of the Jackal—a talisman from the Wild World.

It is her key to the Two Realms, where gods and demons do battle over the soul of humankind. She is a warrior with no weapon. Armed only with compassion, courage and wisdom beyond her years, she is all that stands between life and the end of all life. Yet even the Kahina is in need of allies and confidants and the sweet taste of loving relations.

So if you are fortunate enough to see a shining radiance in some far distant place, or hear a strangely familiar tinkling of bells, take care not to lock all your doors. Drape yourself in the solitude of night and find comfort in what you cannot name. Prepare yourself for what you do not understand and welcome it into your life, like a mother welcoming her never-before-seen child. Do not bother with lies and cunning. They are for fools. Wonder is the place of surprises. Without it we are like the dead. And the dead cannot repair the world. And that, after all, is the purpose of your life.

If this sounds too daunting a task, remember Amaris Dahia el Kahina Fazdin. Lie down upon the good ground, let your feet dance against the endless sky and say, "hu."