Chapter 23 The Way Will Be Shown

"You will have to depend on your own powers and those given to you by the Wild World to defeat the Jackal," said Pére Joseph. "But we can aid you in your journey." Yassin handed the goatskin to Pére Joseph, who took a small flask from his robes. He then placed a tiny drop of liquid into the goatskin and handed it to Amaris Dahia.

"These are the tears of Saint Anna of the Riff Mountains. It is said that they are so pure they can replenish the wells of the Amazigh in times of drought. Whenever you become thirsty, you will always have water. And when you face your darkest moment and feel you cannot go any further, place a drop on your tongue. It will remind you that there is a fountain that flows within you and is always waiting to replenish your soul."

"And how will I find Louar?"

"Once you enter the mountains of the Ahaggar, the way will be shown."

Amaris Dahia looked at her three companions. "hu," she said.