Chapter 24 Tahir

And the wind rose up and Amaris Dahia leaned toward Tahir and brushed his arm with her arm and Tahir pretended not to notice, almost leaping out of his skin as Amaris Dahia brushed his arm a second time and he tried not to look at her because surely she would see that his eyes were going to fly out of his head but he could not stop himself from looking into her sea green eyes with his dark brown eyes and his breathing stopped and her chest heaved and he could see the curves of her womanhood rising and falling beneath her garments and he wanted to run away but he did not know if the energy rising between his legs would ever let him walk again and Amaris Dahia's thoughts were scattered like the desert sands and she did not know if she would live or if the world would end and this made her think about how she would soon be facing her own death and more than ever she wanted to know the mystery of a man's body so that she might unlock the secret of being a woman even if new life were to grow inside her because of this one moment of abandonment because she knew that she was fertile and wanted to run toward childbirth the way her mother had run from it and so Amaris Dahia wanted to know Tahir right there in the desert that has no name and she ran her hand down his cheek and his fingers brushed her brow and his touch was as gentle as his eyes and she stared out into the night for a sign and said, "Look!" A dark dust cloud gathered at the edge of the horizon.

"The Sultan's soldiers!" cried Tahir.