Chapter 12 Alone in the World

Amaris Dahia ran her fingers across her bare neck. The Xámza was gone! She stared at her hands washed clean of mehendi. She pictured her mother and father standing helplessly on the dock of Algerians as they watched her plunge into the sea. She felt herself being swept from El Alavádo by ocean waves. Overcome by an immense sorrow, she felt as if life itself had abandoned her.

"I have lost everything." At that moment, close to the shore, two dolphins leapt out of the water.

Tahir poured mint tea from a small pot, heating on the fire. He also poured a cup for the monkey. They sat silently and drank.

"It must have been a frightening storm. We could see the lightning from beyond the dunes," said Hassán, pointing behind him toward the great expanse of rolling sand.

"It was terrible," replied Amaris Dahia. "And that stupid barge could never have survived it. And now I am alone in the world." Her eyes filled with tears.

"Soon there will be no world," said Hassán.