Chapter 22 The Magic of Boredom

"Suleiman, what should become of someone who makes such extravagant demands?" The slave, his face veiled in blue cloth, called the dog to him. Grabbing it by the jaw, he forced its mouth open, drew a silver khandjar from its sheath, and said, "He should be treated like a cur and have his tongue cut out."

Suleiman was about to thrust the blade into the gaping mouth of the trusting animal, when the khandjar suddenly transformed into an asp! He froze in fear before the tiny cobra. In an instant, Yassin grabbed the viper and flung it into the air, changing it back into a khandjar.

"Excellent, Marabout," applauded the Sultan. "That was a trick worthy of a sultan. You have not only saved the dog's tongue, but yours as well. Tell me, Marabout, you say you are off to make some sort of preparations. Exactly what will you be preparing for? Your death?"

Yassin pushed his long black hair back over his shoulders and said, "The unforeseen."