Chapter 19 Tears Are All We Have

Hands engulfed her from all sides and slathered her with oils and lotions over her torso and along her legs and between her toes. As her body softened, a sadness crept out of some hidden place that she jealously guarded whenever she was in the presence of strangers.

O Mother, she thought. Her chest heaved with grief and longing, as she remembered her mother's words. There is a time for secrets and a time for revealing secrets. Amaris Dahia, you were born of two worlds.

Amaris Dahia cried out. Across the waters of the Dark Sea, La Osa rose to her full height and roared into the wilderness. The hawk turned away from its prey, no longer driven by hunger. Two dolphins leapt out of the ocean—shimmering gray gods under the merciless yellow sun.

A dry wind disturbed the courtyard with mists of sand swirling in all directions. Nyrej pressed her hands firmly on Amaris Dahia's chest. She looked up and saw the strong African face peering down at her, serene and determined.

"Weep, Kahina. Sometimes tears are all we have."