Chapter 26 Black Fire on White Fire

"Each of us is gifted at birth with a key that is ours and ours alone. She who is wise enough to find the key opens a hidden Door of Perception through, which only she can pass and no one else. For every person there is a single door, and each door leads to a single chamber within the Infinite Palace of Wisdom. You have entered one of those chambers, that of the Wild World. It gives you powers from the animal world only you possess. As for me, I have crossed the Threshold of the Word. Once inside, I merely place my brush over parchment and the letters write themselves. The stories they tell are of worlds past and worlds to come. This scroll is your story, Dahia el Kahina."

Amaris Dahia stared at the Black Fire on White Fire, her heart pounding with a fierce intensity.

"Do not try to divine meaning from what you see on the parchment," said Isaac the Blind.

"Then how do I discern its meaning, Master?" she asked.

"Look around you." Rocking back and forth, Isaac the Blind began to murmur one of his indecipherable chants.